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Slayermu - Mu Online Season 15 Part 3

New updates 20.November

Fixed minimap on few maps, like Aida, Nixies
Fixed chaos mahine +28 options issue
Fixed Blood Angel - Dark Angel -holy angel - ... upgrades
Added new items for Goblin Points on cash shop
Added new Blue Aye items for Wcoins and Slayers weapons
Pets are now tradable, like Panda from Goblin Points
Silver keys, Gold keys, unsealed Silver and Gold boxes are now tradable and can be stored in Person Store
Slayer Combo now is active
Fixed Tiberon Pet damage issue
Fixed Wrath Skill
Fixed quests closing game
And a lot more...
Fixed all issues that was reported! Remember when making a report descibe problem as detailed as possible, add screens or video if possible! And problem will be fixed ASAP!
Manual patch from HERE or run Slayermu update.exe

Future updates info! Work on Season 15 Part 3 has started, it will be done in about 2 weeks! What will be new in S15Part3? New 4th wings, socket sets for Slayer! Elite monsters with nice drop on Abys of Atlans and Scocrhed Canyon! And more! Slayermu is the only real Season 15 server what will bring full season features!

Published by Salvis 20/11/2019