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Slayermu - Mu Online Season 15 Part 3

Update S15Part1-1 to Season 15Part1-3

Update Season 15Part1-1 to S15Part1-3! Client update required to play! Patch size 58MB
Run SlayerMu Update.exe to get an update automatically or download manually THIS LINK and extract over your Slayermu game client!

Changes on this update! Full rebuild for 4th class skill tree, old 4th class skill tree is rested, you need to add your points back to your build!
Bonuss: 4th class experience now is 50% more!

New items for slayer: Paring Short Sword, Novakura Short Sword, Soul Short Sword, Blue Eye Short Sword, Fidelity Set, Trace Set,
Soul Set, Blue Eye Set! Slayer does not have Silverheart SET!
New wings for slayer: Wings of Condemnation (4th class wings)

New wings for all classes Wing of Power! Similar to Conqueror wings, available only in Xshop! Video of wings HERE!



Published by Salvis 04/12/2019