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Slayermu - Mu Online Season 15 Part 3

Updates 3.February

Server and client updates have been made, to play game download patch with the launcher or download manually HERE
Fixed mu online ML exp issues
Fixed Korean translations of chaos machine item enchant combination
Fixed Devil Square monsters spawn, Devil Square and BC exp is no 2x
Fixed Chaos Castle event monsters settings
Ruud Shop configuration
Fixed Ghost Horse Attack Speed option issues
Fixed Nix monster disappear issue
Fixed Silver Heart set options functionality issue
Fixed Harsh Strike mastery mu online skill issues
Moving to Loren deep now required 800LVL
Updated Cash Shop, returned pets and buffs for GoblinPoints
Fixed missing ancient option display on Summoner and GL sets
Fixed Earing upgrades
Fixed /event command
Added new comamand /help
Added jewel of Exc to Xshop, it adds 1 random exc option to item
Jewel of exc drops: 3% Chance bosses: Kundun, Selupan, Medusa
Added Elixirs to to Xshop it adds 1000 Stat points!

Published by Salvis 03/02/2020